Can you put a price on health?

Group Classes

Whether you’re just starting out or have been working out for years, our range of prices and packages is sure to feature something that works for you. Our monthly hybrid memberships vary from $135-$250+ for our most comprehensive program. Memberships are completely customized to our clients wants and needs. For safety and efficacy reasons personal training sessions are required prior to entering these monthly memberships.These memberships provide a range of options suited to your schedule, availability, and ultimate fitness goals.


Personal Training

Personal Training at Proverb isn’t just some trainer taking you through your sets and walking you from one machine to another. Your dedicated Coach For Life knows the ins-and-outs of your fitness journey and goals, and will be the one to design your individual program to ensure every goal is met safely and efficiently. They will make sure that you make incremental, yet significant gains (or losses), and that your personal program evolves with you as your needs change and as you look to your future.


Nutrition Coaching

Our Nutrition program is specifically designed to maximize results as you work towards your goals. It makes the most difficult part of fitness simple and flexible. You and your Coach For Life will work together to tailor a nutritional profile for you as a unique individual, and teach you how to make your body and food work for you as a coordinated system.

Our fitness methodology is proven to provide superior results over the typical gym routine; dialing in your nutrition will boost these results not only to aid in rapid body re-composition, but also to increase the rate of recovery so that you can work better than the next guy. Optimize your fitness regimen so that your goals are met rapidly. Burn fat, build lean muscle, make strength gains, increase stamina, reduce inflammation and pain — make it all work for you.