After many years of wanting, thinking and praying about the thought of opening a gym, I decided to give it a shot in 2011. I decided I was going to invest a small sum of money into equipment and start advertising training out of my house. I picked up my first client in 2011 while doing a strength and conditioning internship at Furman University. I trained throughout the year and into the next out of my little 250 sq ft garage. We did not have everything, but it was enough to get people fit and experience CrossFit. Exactly one year later, after much persuasion from my clients, I decided to make the jump to Seneca and start renting a building. I started buying equipment and found a building we liked to rent. We set the date for moving in for the first weekend in June 2012 and open our doors that next Monday. That meant we had 3 days to move in, set up, prepare and launch classes. With the help of our awesome clients we got everything set up and the only thing left was for us to open our doors. Monday came and we had no idea what to expect, but we trusted God to provide. The afternoon came and we opened the doors to a huge crowd of people. We were so fortunate and thank God everyday for the blessing to help other people become more fit and confident in their own lives. We are not a traditional gym and don’t claim to be, but that is what makes us so awesome. I look forward to many years of building this gym to help people achieve goals they never dreamed to achieve.

God Bless,
Owner/Head Coach